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Here's what some of my clients had to say about their Equus Coaching sessions!

Jordan and Honey.jpg

I've been in the ring twice after being in the wringer, and it was easy for me to step in, completely willing to face some unpleasant emotions. Julie was there guiding me the entire time, which eased me further. The horse had pleasant vibes that calmed me farther. I not only enjoyed my time, but truly became fascinated by the idea that the horse tuned into me. Once I shook the unfamiliarity of the whole situation, I openly accepted my surroundings, my emotions, and was present within myself and the horse. With Julie guiding me on how to be open and honest with myself, I felt unhinged, especially with my new friend to help me along the way.


Afterwards, I never felt better, as if I had released so much tension, and I was freely capable of going about my day with productivity and positivity. Whereas if I simply had gone to a therapist, my emotions would be scattered or frustrated. In the ring I was free. Free to be in nature and explore something new that I now know works for me.


I highly recommend Julie. For me, it was nice breathing the fresh air, being around people and animals, gave me a sense of normalcy even while being completely new to such an encounter. I enjoyed every bit of it, and I plan to return.

Jordan & Honey

Jordan and Honey2.jpg

"I worked with Julie and the horses for over a year and a half, until I moved out of state.   In that time I learned so many things about myself.  Each horse taught me a different lesson.  I now know how important it is to take time out for myself.  Equus Coaching allowed me the safe place to be vulnerable and taught me how to be comfortable doing it. It taught me how to build confidence in my own choices and I now trust my own judgement.  I'm also more comfortable and able to be present in the moment.  Julie helped me change my life tremendously."

Marcus & Clover


"My Equus Coaching session with Julie was amazing.  I started out wanting to connect with Clover.

I learned that I can still connect and set boundaries without risking the relationship.  I can't wait to do it again next time I'm in town."

Maddie & Clover

"Being attracted to horses made me curious how life coaching would work with horses.  I was nervous getting started.  Thinking about being with them and actually interacting with them was so different.  I was excited that I actually connected with Midas and had less fear.  I also learned to tap into my self confidence through leading exercises.  Working with Midas was fulfilling!"

Kris & Midas

Kris & Midas.JPG

"There was so much that I loved about the session.  I will say that being alone with the horse and having it so close felt safe and amazing.  It allowed me to just be in the moment."

Cecilia & Twizzler



The testimonials on this Website are actual statements made by clients and have been truthfully conveyed.

Although these testimonials are truthful statements about results obtained by these clients, the results obtained by these clients may not be typical. The testimonials are not a guarantee of results that you or anyone else will obtain by using any services offered on this Website or by Julie Smiley, Life & Equus Coach.

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