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June Drum Circle

Tuesday, June 28

Gates open at 3:30pm and close at 4:15pm


Experience the beauty of Nestldown as you stroll through the gardens and then come together for a drum circle led by Karen Adamski, aka Shamamama.  Bring a drum if you have one or any percussion instrument. There will be a few extras on-hand for use, or just sit back and enjoy the sounds of the circle.  Both nature and sound are healing to our nervous system, so come relax and enjoy the many soothing benefits of this gathering.

$45 per person

​Nestldown Therapeutic Riding Center

22420 Old Santa Cruz Highway, Los Gatos


* Gates open at 3:30pm and close at 4:15pm
* Enjoy a self guided walk until the circle begins at 4:30pm
* Ages 12 and up

* No drumming experience is necessary

* Only pre-purchased ticket holders admitted

* Sales end 10am, June 28

* No onsite sales available

* All sales are final, no refunds

* No admittance past 4:15pm

* This is an outdoor event

* Please wear layered clothing according to the forecast

* Bring a drum or percussion instrument if you can



Venmo: @Julie-Smiley-8

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* You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of purchase

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Have you ever been curious how to shift and clear the energy in your space? Join me to discuss easy ways to move the energy in your environment to feel more positive. Our home and workspace can start to feel heavy or stuck over time. Learn tools and practices to shift and clear negative energy and fill your space with a lighter, more positive feeling.


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Do you have a dream that's been staying on your mind and you'd like to better understand it?  Or maybe there's something else from your dreams you'd like assistance with.


Dreams provide lots of information to enrich our lives when we tune into them.  Learn tools and practices for better understanding your dreams. 

Here are some of the many types of dreams:

Lucid, memories, day to day, past life, out of body, spirit visits, messages, premonitions, nightmares, symbolism, repetitive.


* Any Zoom Workshop can be scheduled upon request with a minimum of two participants. 

* Meditations require a minimum of six participants.

* All sales are final and non-transferable.

Payments may be made via:

Venmo to:  @Julie-Smiley-8

* The Zoom link will be emailed with your confirmation within 24 hours after payment is complete. 

* In person event confirmations will be emailed within 24 hours after payment is complete.


Have you been curious to better understand how deceased loved ones can communicate with you? Those of you who know me, know how many people and animals I have on the other side. I have spent many years researching, learning and tuning into the different forms of communication. This is a safe space to share your experiences and ask questions you may be curious about.

Here are some of the many ways spirit can communicate with us:

Electronic manipulation, animals show up, coins, dreams, orbs, repeating numbers, music, synchronicity.




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Also, known as an empath and/or intuitive.....did you know they are all connected? Would you like to better understand your child's sensitivities?

Some children see, hear and/or speak to unseen energies.  Or maybe they are sensitive to other people, locations, and/or touch.  When the adults in a sensitive child's life do not understand their child's way of experiencing the world, the child quickly learns to stop speaking their truth.  Children can also interpret this as there being something "wrong" with them.

We will discuss the different senses and identify which one(s) are most dominant for your child, as well as tools to cultivate their sensitivities.  Teach your child what is "right" with them.


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Also, known as an empath, and/or intuitive.....did you know they are all connected? Would you like to better understand your sensitivities? We will discuss the different senses and which one(s) are your most dominant, as well as tools to better navigate life as a highly sensitive person.  Learn to identify, hone and own your gifts.