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Curious to know how we can work together?  Let's have a chat to see if it's a good fit! 

20 Minutes



Equus Coaching is an experiential process of self-discovery through partnering with a horse and an Equus Coach.  The process is achieved through hands on interactions and exercises in a round pen.  The horse reflects your way of showing up in the moment. 

The Equus Coach translates the non-verbal language of the horse through inquiries which will assist the client in connecting to their own deeper awareness.


Horses physiologically calm our nervous systems.  The horse speaks to the body while the Coach speaks to the mind.  This creates a balanced alignment between our mind-body connection. 

Many benefits include a sense of calm, clarity, trust, boundary setting, leadership, connection (to self and others), patterns, as well as how present we are in each moment. 

*There is no riding and no previous horse experience is necessary.

*A portion of each session goes to the ranch for horse care.

Location options:  Los Altos Hills and Portola Valley

$145 - 1 Hour - Walk N' Talk

Meet in person to talk and greet some horses along the fence lines (without the round pen interaction).

$185 - 1 Hour (1 person)

Meet in person and have a round pen session with a horse

Stones of Meaning

Life Coaching assists people with "Life" circumstances.  Sometimes we find ourselves with issues that may not require a therapist, and our friends or family can't quite help us.  A Life Coach has the training that fits between therapy and friends.

We will chat about your specific life topics that you would like assistance with and create solutions that feel realistic and doable for you. 

$125 - One Hour - Call or Zoom

$145 - In Person Walk N Talk

Forest Mist

Experiencing loss is the hardest time in our lives.  When we are in it, we don't always know what we need.  Being able to express what we are experiencing is necessary, yet it must feel safe and supported.

Grief support provides the safe space to share with someone who can empathize and listen to what you are experiencing.  We just need to acknowledge the loss and express our feelings, so we can then take tiny action steps to finding a new way back to ourselves.

I have personally experienced many deep losses which led me to volunteer training through the Centre for Living With Dying, a program of the Bill Wilson Center.  I then completed their certification process and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training through West Valley College and have been supporting people in grief since 2009.

$125 - One Hour - Call or Zoom

$145 - In Person Walk N Talk

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Intuitive and Spiritual Mentoring offers guidance to better understand one's own instincts and sensory abilities.  We all have senses, some are stronger than others, and we typically use those most often. I will assist you in discovering, understanding, and tapping into your gifts to help you live a more balanced and confident life.

$125 - One Hour - Call or Zoom

$145 - In Person Walk N Talk

Starry Sky

Dreaming can be insightful when we tune into them and understand the language that is unique to us.  Dreams provide a bridge of understanding between the waking and sleeping worlds.  Our dream messages are specifically for us and we can learn how to translate the langue to better our lives.

$125 - One Hour - Call or Zoom

$145 - In Person Walk N Talk

* All sales are final and non-transferable.

* Zoom links will be emailed with your confirmation after payment is complete. 

Payments may be made via:

Venmo to:  @Julie-Smiley-8



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